I am so pleased you were guided to my site. 

I am the founder and co-creator of White Angel Academy, White Angel Teachable Academy and Soul Rebel Healing, LLC. 

I serve as a “Multi-Dimensional” Healer, Awakener, Coder, and Gatekeeper. 

 My mission and life work are dedicated to the spiritual Sovereignty and Evolution of our planet and species.

I have been personally prepared and trained as an ‘Avatar of Light’ merged with my (OverSoul/Avatar Consciousness embody 6-12D ), and have regained full consciousness with the remembrance of my original divine spiritual blueprint. 

I am here to serve as a transmitter, coder and awakener blending frequencies, through the most advanced light technology. 

All this beautiful work aims to balance the physical, mental and emotional bodies, to fully crystalize the DNA and reconnect your 12 Strand DNA, Lightbody back to source consciousness, which will assist you in remembering why you came forth, who you truly are, and what your divine gifts you have available to you. So you to can remember your true essence and connection to your one true source. I am here to simply assist you on this path of ascension and rebirthing. To EMPOWER YOU! 

My Lineage: 

BlueRay - the first Ray of creation Elohim/Oraphim - Angelic realm.

Galactic aspects from the Pleiades, Sirius, and Lyra.

Star Technologies and Frequencies I am able to access and utilize:

Quantum and Nuclear Energy 

Light Fractals and fields from the Angelic Realm also known as the Fields of Light

Pleadian Lightwave Technology 

Brilliance - Galactic systems of light

Ketheric Healing from Source

Sirian codexes and helix repair sequencing

Lyrain light spectrum sequencing

And more…

These are all the purest frequencies that are here to assist us evolve and remember.


Who are the Blue Rays?

*Blue Ray Starseeds/Oraphim lineage: The first light manifestation of the Emerald Order are Solar Rishi Blue Ray orders of Elohim and Oraphim that direct support to the Guardian Founder Races in the lower Harmonic Universe and are supporting GSF liberation and the continued spiritual evolution of humanity towards Ascension and the Law of One. The Starseed Blue Rays have been building and weaving the new stage of Unity Field Code architecture to be accessible in the Earth body by actually physically embodying the schematic of the Cosmic Cube Matrix of God’s 144,000 archetypes. The blueprint can only be housed in a Christos Body indwelling, only accessed and directed by the internal and eternal spirit of God Force through the Aurora. Krystal/Christos-Sophia architecture/template.

*Blue Rays are the holders who have sacrificed themselves to the Altar of Light in order to rebuild humans DNA to re-evolve into their 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA Matrix bringing everything back to the Core of Creation. BlueRays are pure Love embodiment of Source, carrying the Will Power of the First Ray in the Aura, and have a core life purpose to fulfill Advanced planetary Grid Work contracts. Assist in facilitating in the collapse of false timelines, the activation of the new Krsytal grid and the protection of Earth organic portals.

Being overly sensitive to everything BlueRay's often remain detached from Human issues and prefer to focus on your service contract, yet are able to hold great LOVE within for all life forms. Empathy is the strong suite which allows the ability to Seeing the Gift in all, even within the most heartfelt challenging events. 

This is "Self Mastery"....LOVE is the strongest Energy in the Universe. 

You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. ~ C.S. Lewis 



blessed transmission 



Not sure what system is best for you, reach out I am here to answer any question.