Welcome, I am honored to be able to assist and take on new roles in assisting Mother Earth return to the beautiful Blue Jewel “Gaia” she was always meant to be. 

As we are returning to this age of self mastery, "the Golden Age of Aquarius” we are now shifting and remembering so many lost parts of our selves. 

To some, it’s like a puzzle falling into place and others a quick shift and full blown awakening and remembering. No matter where you are on that scale. There is a divine reason that you have made it here to this site. 

The Perfect Time has come, When individuals have the opportunity to re-connect to the Divine Within,

And in embracing our Wholeness We become a living expression of Spirit!

Join us as we connect to the Galactic Light Teams to work on clearing the remnants of old false programming. We are here today to assist you whom are ready to ignite your multi dimensional memory, activate your DNA, repair, ignite codes within your cellular memory to re-establish that connection within and guide you to better understand the Law of One, the process of Ascension.

So you to can deepen your connection into the New Earth Templates, merging as the Light You were born to be. 

Divine, Sovereign and Free!!!


Spiritual Advancement Support

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Sessions to empower you on your quest for spiritual advancements and acceleration. Shift in Consciousness. 

  • Primary Call and questionnaire 
  • Remote Energy Session
  • Guidance follow Up 

(If you are late or should completely miss your scheduled appointment, no refunds are given due to the alloted time already being reserved.)



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Intensive one on one work, upgrades, clearing, healing, integrations, attunements and more. All designed to assist in you developing and awakening you to your divine path and blueprint. 

  • Removing the vails of illusion
  • Returning you to your full remembrance
  • Align you to your new timeline
  • Reinstating your connection to the One source
  • Removing all self imposed barriers and all forms of discordant entities.
  • Timeline Upgrades
  • And More... complete acceleration to Self Realization 


Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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