Sacred Crystalline Coded Mala Beads


Are you ready to Hold a Piece of the New Earth Frequency....the Crystalline Frequency...

As a multi dimensional being, I am so deeply in tune and have a love for the elementals and nature.

I’ve been working with the Crystal Kingdom all of my life. A relationship that has been and is so natural and pure. But our natural state is to be at ease with the elements, and the Crystal Kingdom presents us with tangible representations of the innate powers we possess if we allow that connection. Each crystal resonates at a special and specific frequency that touches us, allowing our physical bodies to begin to vibrate at that frequency. Embedding us with healing, clearing and guiding us at all times. Our limitless LightBodies are already crystalline in nature and we been eagerly awaiting integration into being. Crystals, assist us with this sacred union. They are living objects of the purest energy and frequency. They want us to be open to be able to receive their gifts!  Never doubt, your connection to them. 

All the crystals I use for the Mala’s have been cleared, programmed, charge, attuned and coded with the frequencies listed by me. They do not get touched by anyone else. When I am connecting and coding them it is one of the purest and mostly loving interactions I have. When creating these sacred Mala Beads I am sometimes downloaded with the template before I begin and at times it is the crystal that communicates with me and ask that I work with them and then the frequencies and codes come in. It is a beautiful merging and celestial dance. 

Remember crystals are our master teachers in remembering who we are and connecting ourselves back to our Higher Selves, connecting us back to the one Source. They assist us in recognizing our power and enable us to travel this earthly plane with a spiritual air. It’s important to respect them and keep them clean and happy – they will do the same for you.