We have now entered the NEW Earth, a New Template and New Matrix Field of Consciousness. As Mother Earth has shifted we are receiving more light from ON high. So too our we shifting and the physical body is going through a tremendous influx of changes of higher vibratory light codes. We are experiencing a matrix program clearing and upgrade on a cellular level. Many are awakening to YOUR true nature and divinity, but many experiencing what is know as the GAP, our physical bodies must be recalibrated and restored to be able to contain the new light frequencies and light that we are being bombarded with. The more Crystalline energy/Light that your physical bodies are able to withstandt the easier it is to move through this extraordinary up-leveling and adjust to this new timeline/template. You will be able to process a ridiculous amount of light codes/data/information/new earth templates. Which will allow you to EMBODY your SOUL as your AVATAR selves. 

All these sessions that we are offering are to assist you and all humanity to close the GAP and accelerate and upgrade your physical bodies to contain more of this light, to awaken you STARSEEDED, AVATARS, WAYSHOWERS, GATEKEEPERS, LIGHT  ONES. So you may once again shine your beautiful amazing light unto the world, stand in your true essence as a divine child of light... LIBERATED, SOVEREIGN AND FREE!!

Session Format

Some of my sessions are done via remote energy transference also known as   Quantum Light Encoded Frequency Activations. These sessions, attunements and upgrades, activate and clear while you rest, relax and sleep. This is a remote light transmission. No texts, NO AUDIO, podcast or similar involved, symbols, or 3D learning tools, are necessary to transmit this Divine Energy. These frequencies are a "higher frequency" than your human aspect/physical body is accustom too, so it's normal to get sleepy or need to shut down/relax and meditate. The desire to sleep and drink more clean water is a normal response to frequency activations so that faster integration can occur. You may also experience emotional triggering and or body clearings. A truly higher dimensional system, requires no human input, other than that of the power of intention. It is not needed in this kind of transmission. 

After payment is made you will be sent instructions on how to best integrate your session, duration etc which usually is about 30 mins, if you are guided after the transmission is complete, you may remain in a relaxed meditative state to allow for a deeper anchoring and integration of the energies as long as it feels right before you get up. 

For the Star Chamber and Lightwave healing once payment is received your will be sent a zoom link to schedule your session.  


We will work with you to schedule the most optimum time to hold your healing session - regardless of your time zone.  We require at least 24 hour notice and require payment in advance for all sessions. 

(If you are late or should completely miss your scheduled appointment, no refunds are given due to the alloted time already being reserved.)

Thank you and many blessings.




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REMOVING SPACE AND TIME the collapsing of the old timelines. 

We a have been gifted the ability to work with the frequencies of the rainbow prism that allows the collapsing of space and time. 

These Cosmic Frequencies unblock the flow of light. Allowing a dismantling and clearing of old timelines that are keeping us in a lower state of being. We  open up other windows or timelines that are for your highest alignment. Change your trajectory of that of self sovereignty, Love, joy, etc. Higher alignment and vibration. Heal karmic imprints, Akashic records.

Connecting you to your Aurora body allowing you to access the oneness field between our physical body, our spiritual body and our Soul. Open up physic channels and gifts, allowing for clarity, discernment and connection. Then seal the auric field from further intrusion.

Higher self alignment.

Session Format:

22 min zoom consultation, this allows me to tap into your energetic signature and allows me to download your new template. Includes recording of our session and digital art helix or light encodement, (language of light codes) 

Your digital key or helix art card will be sent within a 24h period.

Once payment is made, you will receive a link to schedule our zoom session.


Matrix Restoration and Healing.. Restore your original blueprint

Are you ready for huge changes, that will help you involve to an evolutionary leap, of epic proportions! 

Are you ready to fully release the heavy dimensional energetic blocks from your fields? 

And are you more than ready to move into a much lighter and more expanded energy expression?

I have been blessed to now offer a nuclear energy system (Ketheric Healing) unlike other quantum energy systems that works outside of time and space. This energy is a recent visitor to the Earth Plane, and has been given to us at exactly the right time, to assist us in our spiritual growth. Thankfully it is now here to stay, and has already changed the lives of many significantly! It’s main purpose is to reestablish our original Light Matrix, the one that was given to us by our benevolent Creators, removing all traces of misalignment that have come into being as a result of our mis-creations, from all experiences of dense, and dark energy fields, of existence. 

This healing system provides a direct download link for the codes of "Source" energy, that will reset our Causal Body to its original template settings. All misaligned patterns are removed, returning the template to its blank canvas state, from which it can be re-imprinted anew. One of renewal and restoration, as the energy allows for repairs and transforms your vessels of embodiment, creating an interface for re-patterning and restitution. The Causal Body is a body of limitless capacity, it holds the key codes and creations of all, within its matrix. As a being of limitless potential, your causal body serves your highest needs, as a vehicle of "Source" light.

Energy exchange: 



For more information on Ketheric Healing System click on picture.

Gateway System Healing


Ready for DNA Activation Power that aligns you with the 2022 Stellar Activation Cycle Energies? 

There is something miraculous waiting for You. 

What we call DNA Activation is actually a process of healing and reassembling these DNA fragments and plugging them into other, non-physical etheric components that connect with our higher dimensional selves.

The DNA Activation seeks to eliminate physical, emotional, etheric, mental limitations, blockages and negative cycles by restoring vibration and frequency of the 12 Strand DNA Energy field sequence. DNA Activation stimulates the DNA to restore the original pure, healthful state. This energy flows to positively affect emotions, outlook, ambition, ability and possibility in your life. True DNA Activation Power is ultimately a matter of gradually building one's own multi-dimensional awareness and abilities. It is a journey towards wholeness and higher frequency attunement that becomes a reality only when individuals have become autonomous and self-empowered.

The energy itself, heals, repairs and restores your light matrix, bringing it into alignment with your ‘Source Self’, effectively reversing any modifications to your Angelic Human Template, which have downgraded you, and kept you vibrating within a low frequency bandwidth. It also changes your morphogenetic field, to align with your Spiritual Mind, blocking any disharmonious thought patterns and habits, thus allowing only superior high frequency thought waves to be experienced by you. This energy promotes expanded consciousness and higher dimensional awareness for all souls, thereby establishing Harmony and Peace upon our beloved planet.

The Gateway is the energy of the Divine. Possessing its own wisdom and intelligence, it knows exactly what needs to be done, to heal, restore and upgrade you, always working in cooperation with your Higher Self.

Gateway Systems, for the Evolution of our species

*Gateway Systems of Light is more than just a DNA activation energy. It is a holographic interface, for the upgrading of your cellular structures, to luminescent bio-suits. All Lightbody geometries are provided within the Gateway network of star systems, which also include parallel and non-dimensional systems.. These Ancient Systems have been used extensively in the past, to successfully ascend all species throughout the Cosmos. The Gateway establishes the Crystalline Light Matrix, followed by the Diamond Light Matrix, and ultimately the Solar Light Matrix, of all beings.. Your DNA will be successively upgraded through these matrices of Light, when you receive the Gateway Energy. The Gateway itself, comes to us via the Stellar Gateway Light Portal. The key codes within the downloads that the activators "WE" receive, become embedded in our energy field, opening, clearing and activating our Stellar Gateway Chakra, and Ascension Chakra (located at the base of the skull), which is the gateway to Galactic Consciousness, enabling us to transmit this Divine Energy to others..YOU. The Stellar Gateway is a portal of light which connects us with our Divine Source. When fully opened and activated, it opens a cosmic doorway to all the Light Realms, enabling us to assimilate the light codes of all other Solar Logos. It enhances communication with enlightened beings, and harnesses the energy of the 12 Cosmic rays. 

The systems that form part of the Gateway, are Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Alderbaran , Orion,  Excel (our Milky Way), Pegasus, Antares, Genesis (parallel realities), and Merka ( higher merkabah geometries).

Energy Exchange: $100


For more information, click on picture.. 


LightWave Healing

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Lightwave Healing allows us to transmit a multitude of high-frequency energy infusions to clear and balance your 9-point chakratic system, activate your 12-strand DNA and electron bodies for multidimensional ascension.

This session we will take a look and work to recalibrate, unify the Chakratic System and Body Elemental communication system. This will assist you into higher state of consciousness.  Building a stronger communication and trigger more hold more light and heal any maladies within your field. Allowing you to access tor higher light codes.

Session is Zoom format: 

30 mins 

Once payment is received you will sent a link to schedule your zoom session with me.



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

We all need the assistance of our beloved Angelic Families.

In this session we allow our self to be bathed in celestial energies from the fields of Light. 

Zoom call for about 15 min and then energetic light transmission. 

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Audrey is articulate as she communicates and helps us un-package what is currently occurring on our planet and within humanity and how her specific services may assist us on our personal journeys. Her soft strength is a beacon of light and her innermost integrity provides a truly safe space. I love how she gently navigates w a flowing ability to change course for the highest and best outcome.  

Every experience w Audrey, has been the right one. I just want more....  CAROL Q